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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

(UROP) is a scheme designed to give undergraduate students at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) an early opportunity to experience real life in a research laboratory or population-based research environment and gain insight into careers in medical research.



Applications for 2014 are now closed.

How does UROP work?

Students undertake a project that is part of a research program at the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania. They are supervised by a research scientist in a mentoring role, and usually work alongside other research staff and students in the team. The project may be experimental and based in a laboratory, it may involve an epidemiological investigation of the causes of disease or the evaluation of a population health intervention, or it may be statistical in nature.


The scheme is not a formal part of undergraduate coursework, but is supported by the University because it aims to provide an opportunity for students to undertake practical research during the undergraduate years. Additionally, students may be able to practise the knowledge and skills obtained in their undergraduate courses in this program.


How much time does participation require?

Students are expected to participate full-time at the Institute for a total of six weeks. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to negotiate these times with the student to suit the availability of both the supervisor and the student. It is desirable that students commence their project during the summer vacation period, so they can become familiar with the project and integrate into the research team before the academic year commences. Students must complete their project by the beginning of semester 2 2014.




Who can apply?

The scheme is open to undergraduate students currently studying at the University of Tasmania. Students ideally should be located in Hobart. Students can join the program at any time after the first full year of undergraduate study and prior to the completion of their undergraduate course. The scheme appeals particularly to those studying the biomedical and health sciences, genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics and statistics, but students from other disciplines are encouraged to apply. Those from non-scientific courses will need to demonstrate a particular interest in biomedical research. Students completing their undergraduate studies in 2013 are not eligible to apply.




When are applications open?

The UROP intake each year is timed to coincide with the summer vacation. Applications for the 2014 intake are now open and close at 5pm Friday October 4 2013. Late applications will not be accepted.




Benefits of participating in UROP

There are many benefits to participating in the UROP. As a student, you will:


  • Be part of the excitement of being a researcher in an internationally competitive research institute
  • Experience being part of a research team
  • Develop expertise in laboratory techniques and experimental design
  • Potentially contribute to scientific publications, patents and presentations
  • Create future job and post-graduate opportunities through networking
  • Benefit from workshops in scientific and career development.



How To Apply?

To find out more about the UROP - including eligibility, applying, selection process, scholarships, and responsibilities view the Application and Instructions here




For more information, contact:

Costan Magnussen

UROP Coordinator

Phone: (03) 6226 7762