Institute Seminars

Institute seminars are listed below

Institute seminars for researchers and health care professionals are held on Thursdays from 1pm-2pm in Lecture Theatre 2, Medical Science Precinct, 17 Liverpool Street, Hobart. Scheduled seminars are listed below. For further information contact the seminar coordinators: Associate Professor Kathryn Burdon Phone: +61 3 62264288 Email: Dr Seana Gall Phone: +61 3 6226 4728 Email:
  • 1st Jun 2017
    2pm - ASMR Medical Research Week

    Six of Hobart's best and brightest medical research PhD students compete for fame and glory!

  • 8th Jun 2017
    Dr Prof Darryl Eyles - Queensland Brain Institute, UQ

    Will we one day be able to prevent schizophrenia? Valuable neurobiological lessons from 3 animal models

  • 15th Jun 2017
    Dr Eric Stohr - Columbia University

    What is KungFu Panda's relevance in normal heart function? - The biological role of cardiac twist in the regulation of stress

  • 22nd Jun 2017
    Amanda Patchett - Final PhD Seminar

    TLRs in the endangered Tasmanian devil: Taking the toll roads to improved DFTD immunisations

  • 29th Jun 2017
    Dr Meredith Nash - Sociology @ UTAS

    Women in STEMM Research

  • 6th Jul 2017
    Dr Alice Liu - Florey Institute

    Human in vitro models of ischaemic stroke: new translational strategies for neuroprotection

  • 28th Jul 2017
    3pm **Special Seminar** Professor Greg Woods

    A lifelong journey via T cells and dendritic cells to a devil of a destination