Our aim is to kiss goodbye to MS

Our aim is to kiss goodbye to MS

Menzies researchers took part in Red Lab Coat Day to raise awareness of the importance of multiple sclerosis research. MS is becoming more common, requiring intensive research into better treatments to delay onset and disease progression.

Despite advances in the treatment and understanding of Multiple Sclerosis in the past two decades, the burden remains high.

Since 1998 Menzies researchers and their collaborators have made significant contributions to understanding the genetic, environmental and lifestyle risk factors for both the development and progression of MS. Our clinical work informs the research into the cause, disease progression and management of MS while our cell-based research is helping to lay a foundation for translation into drug therapies. We manage Australia’s largest cohort study of people with MS (the Australian MS Longitudinal Study). This research provides other researchers, advocacy groups and government agencies with practical information on how MS is impacting on people’s lives.

Our MS research is supported by the NHMRC and MS Research Australia.

Click here for more information and a full list of MS research projects at Menzies.