Better ways of responding to heart attack

Better ways of responding to heart attack

When heart attack occurs it requires an immediate intervention, but the current methods of responding are limited. Our Winter Appeal is towards research that could save lives by improving our response to heart attack.

Heart attack is a life threatening event, predominately caused by coronary heart disease. Heart attack occurs when a blood vessel supplying the heart itself is suddenly blocked, threatening to damage the heart muscle and its functions.

Each year around 54,000 people suffer heart attack and in 2016, an average of 22 Australians died from
heart attack every day. It is estimated 430,000 Australians have had a heart attack at some point in their lives and incidence of heart disease in the population is set to increase.

When heart attack occurs it requires immediate response and intervention. Current methods are limited
to percutaneous coronary intervention therapy (more commonly known as “stent” therapy) and fibrinolysis to break down clots. However, these treatments aren’t always accessible or successful.

Dr Kaz Negishi and his team at Menzies propose a trial to improve outcomes after heart attack. We have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of people
who experience heart attack and to lead the world in the first randomised trial of a new treatment. Please consider a gift today, no matter what size, to support this research.

On behalf of Dr Negishi and our researchers, thank you for your generosity in helping us achieve these aims.

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