Donate to our Winter Appeal for respiratory research

Donate to our Winter Appeal for respiratory research

The recent bushfires in Tasmania brought into sharp focus the adverse health effects that smoke can have on individuals and our community. By donating to our Winter Appeal, you can help to make a difference to people who suffer from respiratory allergies or asthma related to pollen, smoke or other airborne hazards.

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Every year, millions of Australians suffer from respiratory conditions made worse by environmental conditions like outdoor smoke or airborne pollen. Yet our knowledge of these airborne triggers remains astonishingly incomplete.

The resulting health effects represent a significant social and economic burden. With population rates of respiratory allergies rising and climate change set to increase airborne pollutants and pollen levels, these conditions and their impacts on the community are also set to increase.

At Menzies, our established team of environmental change and health researchers, the AirHub, is leading the world in developing and delivering knowledge that will keep populations healthy and thriving during times of changing air quality.

The AirHub’s mission is to provide information and to support individuals, policy makers and the community to manage the effects of air quality (including heat, fire, woodsmoke, pollen and thunderstorms) on health.

With your support, we have an immediate opportunity to learn from the recent Tasmanian bushfires and apply this  knowledge to further protect our community’s health.

Image: Karen Brown