Donate to our Autumn Appeal

Donate to our Autumn Appeal

Every year in Australia around 26,000 babies are born early, including around 1,200 born at extremely premature gestations (under 28 weeks). Too often the biggest challenge facing a premature baby is the ability to simply breathe.

Professor Peter Dargaville leads research in Neonatology at Menzies and is a Staff Specialist at the Royal Hobart Hospital’s Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. In 2009, Professor Dargaville pioneered the “Hobart Method”, which delivers a critical substance called surfactant, missing in the lungs of very early babies. This method is being studied in a National Health and Medical Research Council funded clinical trial led by Professor Dargaville, which involves 33 neonatal units across 10 countries.

Now in 2017, Professor Dargaville and Dr Tim Gale from the University of Tasmania's School of Engineering and ICT are combining the fields of neonatology and biomedical engineering in a ground breaking trial. This world class research will investigate the best oxygen delivery methods for premature babies.  

We are in a unique position to deliver medical research that improves outcomes for premature babies both in Tasmania and worldwide.  Help us continue this work by making a donation today.   

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