Muscle Metabolism & Cardiovascular Disease: Rattigan, Richards & Keske Group

Our group investigates the role of microvascular blood flow in the control of metabolism in skeletal muscle in response to insulin and exercise. Our major interests include determining the signalling mechanisms mediating blood flow changes in response to insulin and why this response is absent in obesity and insulin resistance, and finding ways of stimulating blood flow to enhance muscle insulin sensitivity to combat type 2 diabetes.

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Team Members

  • Dr Renee Dwyer (Lecturer)
  • Eloise Bradley (Research Assistant)
  • Helena Ng (PhD Candidate)
  • Dr Dino Premilovac (PhD Candidate)

Local Collaborators

External Collaborators

  • Professor Gene Barrett - University of Virginia, USA
  • Dr Michael Quon - National Institutes of Health, USA
  • Dr Melinda Sheffield-Moore - University of Texas, Houston
  • Professor Glen McConell - Victoria University, Australia
  • Professor Erik Richter - August Krogh Institute, Denmark
  • Professor Bente Kiens - August Krogh Institute, Denmark
  • Dr Etto Eringa - VU University, The Netherlands

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