Strain sUrveillance during Chemotherapy for improving Cardiovascular Outcomes (SUCCOUR Study)

Breast cancers and lymphomas are often cured by chemotherapy, but survivors may be at increased risk of heart problems, both related and unrelated to the cancer. Investigators at Menzies are using an ultrasound method to identify the early stages of heart failure. The SUCCOUR Study, as an international multi-centre randomised controlled trial, is attempting to demonstrate that the use of strain imaging can alter heart function in patients with breast cancers and lymphomas.

We are looking for patients aged 18-80 who are actively undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancers and lymphoma, especially those aged 65 or older, have type 2 diabetes, hypertension or previous cardiac injury (eg. heart attack).

If you interested in being involved in the SUCCOUR Study or would like more information please email

For medical researchers who have followed our JACC-Imaging paper and are interested in strain measurement using GE software, please use the following link: SUCCOUR Medical Researcher Registration

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Team Members

  • Dr Hilda Yang
  • Dr Kazuaki Negishi
  • Prof Tom Marwick
  • Dr Tomoko Negishi