Studies Seeking Community Participation

The scope of Menzies research is broad, and not all of our work requires participation from volunteers. However the studies listed below are looking for participants now. Studies are carefully designed and therefore research participants sometimes need to meet specific criteria to be eligible.

METHODS: A randomised controlled trial of methotrexate to treat hand osteoarthritis with synovitis is seeking participants aged 40 -70 years with moderate to severe hand joint pain who are interested in taking part in a study that aims to reduce pain and swelling and slow joint damage in people with symptomatic hand osteoarthritis and synovitis. Contact: Kathy Buttigieg on 03 6226 6909 or
Click here for more information.

CurKOA trial: A randomised trial of Curcuma Longa for treating symptoms and effusion-synovitis of knee osteoarthritis is seeking participants aged 40 years or more who have significant knee pain and swelling on most days, are able to have a knee MRI, and have access to email and web browsing to examine use of natural turmeric (Curcuma longa) extract to improve knee pain, reduce swelling and slow down progression of knee osteoarthritis. Contact: or (03) 6226 4369. Click here for more information.

Free Before 7: This Metro Tasmania initiative enabled people to catch buses in the urban Hobart region for Free Before 7 am for three weeks across January and February 2018, with the aim of reducing road congestion. We are seeking the thoughts of Hobart bus users so that we can understand the barriers, benefits and impacts of Free Before 7. If you: took advantage of Free Before 7; are aged 18+ years; usually catch the bus at least once per week on weekday mornings in Hobart;  and are able to participate in a 30 minute telephone interview, you can be involved in this study. Each participant will be offered a $20 Metro Greencard voucher. Contact: Melanie Sharman (03) 6226 4849 or More information here.

The Tasmanian Ophthalmic Biobank is seeking participants who consider their eyesight to be healthy. We aim to use leading genetic techniques to compare people with and without eye disease to make discoveries that will lead to better screening or therapies. Phone (03) 6226-4731 or visit

The Tasmanian Chronic Kidney Disease Study is seeking people over 18 years of age who have severe chronic kidney disease (eGFR less than 30mls/min/1.73m2) AND who are not receiving dialysis or a kidney transplant. Participation requires an appointment for one to two hours. Contact: or (03) 6226 7700 or email.

QUARTET: A trial to assess the effectiveness and tolerability of ultra-low-dose quadruple combination therapy ('LDQT') in patients with hypertension. Contact: or 6226-4803.

The Menzies Blood Pressure Clinic is a community service offered to help improve the care of people with problems related to high blood pressure. The clinic uses the latest methods dedicated to the investigation and management of high blood pressure. People referred to the clinic undergo various blood pressure tests, as well as comprehensive risk assessments. A report is then sent to the referring GP detailing blood pressure measures together with a suggested treatment regimen. All services are bulk-billed.​

The OMM Study: developing a questionnaire for mindfulness research. We need pairs of people (family members, friends, colleagues) to do a couple of online surveys. More information: Contact or (03) 6226 4723.

PPMS: Primary Progressive MS Study into risk factors for the onset and rate of progression of Primary Progressive MS. Contact:   Alice Saul (03) 6226-4269 or

AMSLS: The Australian MS Longitudinal Study to provide data of practical use for improving the lives of Australians living with MS. Contact: Kirsty Hawkes (03) 6226-4739 or,

KARAOKE: A randomised trial of krill oil for osteoarthritis of the knee to examine use of krill oil to improve knee pain and slow down progression of knee osteoarthritis. Participants must be:  aged 40 years or more; have significant knee pain and swelling most days for at least six months; able to have a knee MRI. Contact: or (03) 6226 4648.

Genetics of Eye Diseases for genetic studies in diabetic retinopathy (participants should have Type 2 Diabetes treated with medication for at least 5 years, or Type 1 Diabetes); keratconus (participants should have keratoconus diagnosed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist); and advanced glaucoma (participants should have any type of glaucoma with severe vision loss treated by an ophthalmologist). Contact: or (03) 62264731

AirRater is recruiting people in Tasmania, the ACT and the Northern Territory with asthma, hay fever or other lung conditions, or carers of those with these conditions.  Contact: 1800 322 102 or

STAREE: STAtins in Reducing Events in the Elderly investigating whether a statin can prolong good health and maintain independence among people aged 70 years and older. Contact: or 1800 770 664