Our Top Ten Tips for a Long and Healthy Life

Build at least 30 minutes of physical activity into your day

Aim for a combination of moderate and vigorous activity for at least 30 minutes each day. If that's not possible, start with whatever you can, and build up. Regularly break up long periods of sitting.

Watch portion sizes and eat more fruit and vegetables

Reward you body with lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. Go easy on highly processed foods. Say no to added salt, added sugar and animal fat.

Do something intellectually stimulating every day, including social activities

Feed your brain by doing something intellectually stimulating ever day. Learning new things and engaging in social activities will keep your brain cells connected.

Know the signs of poor physical and mental health
and seek professional help 

Find time for the people and activities that you love. If you're worried about someone, ask them if they're OK. De-stress and embrace the outdoors.

See your GP for regular care and preventive

She or he will help you manage cancer screening, vaccinations, blood pressure and cholesterol checks, and will refer you to a specialist when necessary.

Be active (and sun smart) outdoors

Get together with family and friends for physical activity. If you have children, play with them outdoors. Consider getting a pet. Spending time outside will boost your Vitamin D levels, but be careful not to get sunburnt.

Try to avoid breathing polluted air

Try to avoid air pollution, including passive smoking. Gas heaters and cookers should have a flue, and your wood heater should burn brightly, not smoulder. Breathing polluted air increases the risk of lung, heart and other diseases.

Avoid alcohol, tobacco and other

Despite messages about the protective effects of alcohol, this actually only applies to very small amounts and in middle-aged or older people. If you have made a decision not to drink, stick with that decision. Say no tobacco and  recreational drugs.

Be safety conscious

Drive/ride carefully and follow safety protocols at work, particularly in an industrial environment.

Start today

No matter how young or old you are, even small changes make a difference.