Multiple Sclerosis: Taylor & van der Mei Group

Research undertaken by the multiple sclerosis research group is aimed at understanding the environmental and genetic factors that lead to the development of MS and the factors that subsequently contribute to the progression of the disorder. A large range of epidemiological and genetic studies have been conducted over the last decade. There are high quality research opportunities available for PhD students.

Parent Theme

Research Projects

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Senior Members

  • Professor Bruce Taylor (Principal Research Fellow)
  • Associate Professor Leigh Blizzard (Principal Research Fellow)


  • Assoc Professor Ingrid van der Mei (Senior Research Fellow)

Team Members

  • Professor Simon Foote
  • Associate Professor Joanne Dickinson (Senior Research Fellow)
  • Dr Brendan McMorran (Senior Research Fellow)
  • Dr Steve Simpson Jr. (Research Fellow)
  • Dr Jac Charlesworth (Research Fellow)
  • Carol Hurst (Research Officer)
  • Kirsty Hawkes (AMSLS Study Liaison Officer)
  • Roxanne Maher (Auslong 3 Study Coordinator)

External Collaborators

  • Professor Alan Coulthard
  • University of Queensland
  • Dr Dominic Dwyer
  • Dr Robyn Lucas
  • Australian National University
  • Dr John Pierson
  • University of Otago
  • Professor Trevor Kilpatrick
  • Howard Florey Institute, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Anne-Louise Ponsonby
  • Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Dr Patricia Valery