Tasmanian Cancer Registry: Venn Group

The Tasmanian Cancer Registry is responsible for collecting, collating and reporting all new cases of cancer and deaths from cancer in Tasmanian residents.

By law, cancer registration is required in all Australian states and territories to assist state and national efforts to understand the causes of cancer, to plan health services and to assist prevention efforts.

Parent Theme

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Senior Members

  • Professor Alison Venn

Team Members

  • Margaret (Anne) Webb (Administrative Officer)
  • Mr Petr Otahal (Biostatistician)
  • Brian Stokes (Manager)
  • Krystyna Jackman (Administrative Officer)
  • Peter Whitbread (Adminstrative Officer)
  • Pam Whelan (Administrative Assistant)
  • Rebecca Wilson (Administrative Officer)

Internal Collaborators

  • Associate Professor Leigh Blizzard (Principal Research Fellow)

External Collaborators

  • Professor Terry Dwyer
  • Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Leah Newman
  • Marianne Berwick
  • University of New Mexico

Related Publications

* Denotes Menzies Researcher