PPMS Study

Primary Progressive MS (PPMS) is a type of Multiple Sclerosis that affects 1 in 10 people with the disease, and for which current MS treatments are not effective. Little specific research has been done in PPMS and our understanding of the risk factors for this variant of MS is poor.

This study is a case-control study where the cases will be followed longer term.

The case-control study aims to examine whether the established risk factors for MS also hold in people with PPMS and whether we can identify novel risk factors for this group. The longitudinal component examines which factors are associated with disease progression in people with PPMS.

This project will improve the understanding of the aetiology of MS for PPMS, which will contribute to unravelling the mechanisms of PPMS and ultimately the development of treatments and interventions.

Australians with PPMS who are aged between 18-59 are invited to participate in this study. Further information can be obtained at ppms.study@utas.edu.au or by calling +61 3 6226 4269.

Patient Information Sheet (PDF 67.4KB).

Statement of Informed Consent (PDF 51.3KB)

Click here and scroll down to see a webinar on Primary Progressive MS with Associate Professor Ingrid van der Mei.

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  • Professor Anne-Louise Ponsonby - Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Dr Robyn Lucas - Australian National University