Flow Dependence of Anatomical Dead Space & Relationship to Spirometry

We have previously shown that volume of the lung airways (anatomical dead space) varies with expired flow. We have now completed a study to test the hypothesis that this flow-dependence of anatomical dead space provides a sensitive physiological index of abnormal airway function. Our subjects were healthy young adults with normal lung function. The results supported our hypothesis because even though the subjects were young and had normal lung function our index of flow-dependence was able to differentiate between subjects with normal and 'super' normal lung function. We are now measuring this index in people with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

This project was completed by our research student John Ho Chan whilst working at the MRI as an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme Scholar. Mr Chan presented this data at a scientific conference (Asian Pacific Society of Respirology) in November 2007.

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Team Members

  • Professor Haydn Walters (Senior Member)