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Aims of the IDEAL Study

The IDEAL study aims to improve the way doctors identify and manage patients at risk of cardiovascular disease, including conditions such as heart attack or stroke. This research focuses on a service to work out a patient’s risk of heart attack or stroke and deliver this information to GPs to help them make well-informed treatment decisions to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve outcomes for their patients.

We are currently working on Stage 2 of the IDEAL study: a randomised clinical trial of the IDEAL service for close to 10,000 participants around Tasmania in 2021.

As part of this study, patients attending pathology clinics around Tasmania for a cholesterol test may be invited to participate. Participants will have their risk of cardiovascular disease assessed in a purpose-built Assessment Station where information about their cardiovascular risk factors, such as smoking, will be collected and blood pressure measured. An estimate of the chances of that patient having a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years will be calculated and sent to their GP along with their pathology results on the requested blood test report. Based on the patient’s risk of cardiovascular disease, appropriate advice according to recommended treatment guidelines will be provided on the pathology report as an aid for GPs to make better-informed decisions to prevent cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke.

As part of the current trial, participants will also be asked to complete a survey to explore issues of cardiovascular risk in more depth, and after 12 months researchers will examine if there is an improvement in the level of care provided for participants whose GP received the cardiovascular risk information on the pathology report.

Interested in taking part in the IDEAL study? Attend one of the participating pathology collection centres below:

Hobart Pathology:

5A Gladstone St

John St, Kingston

12 Cole St, Sorell

6 Sunderland St, Moonah

Shop 11, Glenorchy Plaza

35 Main Road, Claremont

44 Burnett St, New Norfolk

Launceston Pathology:

71 Frederick St, Launceston

278a Invermay Road, Mowbray

169 Elphin Road, Newstead

Windsor Park, Riverside

Northwest Pathology:

10 Marine Terrace, Burnie

52-56 Bass Highway, Burnie Super Clinic

1-5 Reeves St, South Burnie

For more information on cardiovascular disease, please visit the Heart Foundation webpage.

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