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The IDEAL study aims to improve the way doctors manage patients’ risk of cardiovascular disease, including conditions such as heart attack or stroke. This research focuses on the development of a new service to calculate cardiovascular risk and deliver this information to GPs to help them make well-informed treatment decisions around risk management to improve outcomes for their patients.

Patients attending Hobart Pathology, 20-22 Gregory St, Sandy Bay, for a cholesterol test may be invited to participate. Participants will have their absolute cardiovascular risk assessed in a purpose-built automated booth where information about their cardiovascular risk factors will be collected and blood pressure measured. A risk score on the chances of that patient having a cardiovascular event in the next years will be calculated and sent to their GP via the pathology reporting system on the requested blood test report. This risk score is based on recommended clinical guidelines and best practice for managing cardiovascular risk. Appropriate advice according to treatment guidelines will also be provided on this report as an aid for GPs to make better-informed decisions to manage the risk of cardiovascular disease.

For more information on cardiovascular disease, please visit the Heart Foundation webpage.

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