Data Linkage Symposium 2016

The Tasmanian Data Linkage Unit held a 1-day data linkage Symposium on 22 June 2016 at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research Hobart Tasmania. Attendees represented areas including state and federal government, non-government, education, research and the private sector. Keynote speaker for the event was Professor Louisa Jorm, the Foundation Director of the Centre for Big Data Research in Health at UNSW. Louisa is a renowned and respected leader both in Australia and internationally in policy-relevant research using linked administrative health data, including hospital inpatient, mortality and Medicare data.

All presentations delivered during the event are available to download using the links below; click to download the Symposium Program:

1. Prof Louisa Jorm - Routinely collected data - a strategic resource for research and policy

2. Dr Merran Smith - Australian Data Linkage Infrastructure

3. Prof Louisa Jorm - Using linked data to plan and evaluate policies and programs

4. Dr Phil Anderson - Linkage of National and Commonwealth Data

5. Hayden Jones - Sharing data within, between & beyond government

6. Brian Stokes - Data Linkage in Tasmania: An Overview

7. Martin Hensher - Linkage of Tasmania Health Data, a DHHS Perspective

8. Nicola Stephens - Chlamydia Data Linkage Project

9. Andrew Oakley -  ABS-DoE Educational Outcomes 2016-06-21

10. Dr Martin Schultz - Exertion Study

11. Ms Jane Barrow & Mr Kim Hawthorne - PHT Primary Health Care Programs and Data Linkage

12. Dr Amanda Neil - The Conception to Community Study

13. Nadine Wiggins - Applying for Linked Data

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