Predictors of Regional Retention In General Practice Training (PORRIGE)

Predictors of regional retention in General Practice Training (PORRIGE) is an historic cohort study of general practice (GP) registrars who undertook the Australian Government GP Training program in Tasmania between 1994 and 2004 inclusive through General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT). The primary objective of this study is to identify characteristics of GP registrars (GPRs) that predict whether they will work in general practice in Tasmania after successful completion of their training. The secondary study objective is to ascertain current work practices of GPRs who commenced training in Tasmania between 1994 and 2004 inclusive. We are interested in ascertaining the number of GPRs who continue to work in general practice for a period of three or more years, including how many continue to practice in Tasmania; and the number of GP registrars who have developed special interests (including entering other specialty training programs) and have devolved some of their work time to non GP work.

This project is a participant based study.

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External Collaborators

  • Dr Nick Cooling - General Practice Training Tasmania
  • Dr Frank Meumann - General Practice Training Tasmania