Research at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research

The Menzies Research Institute Tasmania exists to improve human health and well-being by performing excellent basic, clinical and population health research that focuses on the major diseases affecting the Tasmanian community. Our research takes a bench-to-bedside and disease prevention approach and is aimed at improving patient care and clinical outcomes for the community by translating knowledge into clinical and policy actions. Menzies will train and educate future research scientists, clinicians and related health professionals.

Over the next decade the core research and teaching themes of the Institute will more strongly reflect its unique role and profile in Tasmania, leveraging off a relatively stable population base and an environment where there are substantial challenges to the provision of health care based on funding limitations and specific challenges relating to disadvantage. The nascent data linkage within Tasmania brings particular opportunities to perform research which can be translated into policy.

Research will be structured around themes, focussing on the major diseases affecting the Tasmanian community, including arthritis, cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, mental health and multiple sclerosis. The focus will be sharpened to emphasise themes that reflect the burden of disease in the Tasmanian community and its expertise in addressing them.