Menzies Blood Pressure Clinic

The Menzies Blood Pressure Clinic Closure.

The Menzies Blood Pressure Clinic was a bulk-billed, specialist service operated by the Menzies Institute for Medical Research that aimed to improve the care of people in the community with problems related to high blood pressure.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, some operations at the Menzies Institute had to be changed and reprioritised. Because of this and a lack of ongoing funding for the service, the BP Clinic was unfortunately closed in October 2020. 

The Menzies Institute offers a sincere thank you to all volunteers who contributed to the clinic, including ten specialist doctors and 30 community and student volunteers. Thanks to these volunteers, the clinic was able to make a real difference and improve the health and lives of Tasmanians, with more than 650 free consultations provided to people in the community.