Menzies Blood Pressure Clinic

The Menzies Blood Pressure Clinic is a bulk-billed, specialist service operated by the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, with the goal of helping to improve the care of people in the community with problems related to high blood pressure.

People referred to the clinic undergo blood pressure tests in the clinic, but may also be asked to measure their own blood pressure at home over several days, or over 24 hours using a portable monitor. Other tests may include blood pathology, eye or heart imaging as needed.

Following consultation with our specialist doctors, a report is sent to each person's referring doctor together with a plan for ongoing care. The clinic is underpinned by a research program with approval from the Tasmania Health and Medical Human Research Ethics Committee.

Pictured: The Leader of the Menzies Blood Pressure Group, Professor James Sharman, with colleague Dr Martin Schultz.