Promoting employee mental health through the development of managers' psychological capital

Depression is a common and costly occupational health problem. Workers within small-medium enterprises are especially vulnerable due to a lack of workplace health interventions. This study will rigorously evaluate a novel, multimedia-based intervention designed to enhance the psychological wellbeing of managers' and their employees and reduce their depression risk. The study will directly inform research partners' objectives (Beyond Blue, Workcover Tasmania, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to increase mental health program access for regional small businesses. Dr Sanderson is particularly interested in the economic impact of depression on small business managers and their employees, and the potential of novel public health interventions to reduce this burden.

For further information on this study and how to take part please go to: Business Mind

This project is a participant based study.

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Team Members

  • Sarah Dawkins (PhD Student)

Local Collaborators

  • Dr Angela Martin (Lead Investigator)
  • Dr Jenn Scott

External Collaborators

  • Associate Professor Paula Brough - Griffith University, Queensland

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