Telephone-based delivery of care management for depression following a heart attack

This randomised controlled trial is investigating the effectiveness of implementing a telephone counselling program (MOOD-CARE) for the management of depression in patients following a heart attack. Patients are being recruited from hospitals in Victoria and Brisbane, and the project is being led by Prof Brian Oldenburg at Monash University. We predict patients receiving MOOD-CARE will demonstrate greater improvements in depression and health-related quality of life compared with those receiving usual care. The project will also assess the cost-effectiveness of MOOD-CARE and identify barriers and enablers to future uptake and system-wide dissemination of MOOD-CARE. This novel program can potentially improve psychological, physical and work functioning in patients who are depressed following MI, and identify barriers and enablers to generalisability, sustainability and translatability of the model into an Australian health care setting. Dr Sanderson has a particular interest in improving methods of diagnosis of depression in this patient group, and understanding the impact of depression on return to work and work outcomes in persons following a heart attack.

Research Groups

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Team Members

  • Adrienne O'Neil (PhD Student)

External Collaborators

  • Professor Brian Oldenburg - Monash University
  • Associate Professor John Atherton - Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
  • Professor David Hare - Austin Hospital, University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Anna Hawkes - Cancer Council Queensland
  • Professor Bruce Hollingsworth - Monash University
  • Associate Professor Michael Jelinek - St Vincent's Hospital, Victoria
  • Professor Barr Taylor - Stanford University

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