IDEAL study: Our Partners

Hobart Pathology is a member of the Sonic Healthcare group that provides high quality pathology services to the Tasmanian community in the Hobart area. Hobart Pathology have facilitated this research by providing staff resources and space to conduct the study in a pathology services environment and critical expertise during the development stage to enable effective reporting to GPs.

AtCor Medical is an Australian based company that develops and markets products for the early detection and management of cardiovascular disease. Its technology allows researchers and clinicians to noninvasively measure blood pressure and other arterial measures that may be useful prognostic and diagnostic information. AtCor Medical have supported this research by providing technical support and suitable devices to conduct this research.

Doctors Tasmania comprises four general practice clinics in the greater Hobart area with a focus on supporting translatable research towards best-practice care in the community. Doctors Tasmania have provided ongoing support and commitment from their practices to champion this project and facilitate essential qualitative studies.