Health conditions such as hepatitis B or C can cause long-term damage to the liver such as cirrhosis , which is evidence of scarring of liver tissue. These factors can result in an increased risk of developing primary liver cancer. Whilst liver cancer is rare in Australia, many people are diagnosed at a late stage in the cancer development, resulting in poor health outcomes. In contrast, when people are diagnosed early, the liver cancer can often be cured.

This current study is part of a larger research project which aims to increase the rate of early diagnosis of liver cancer. First, we need to understand if and why people are – or are not – having regular liver health checks. This will allow us to develop a new approach to support regular screening for liver health.  

People who have been diagnosed with viral infections of the liver, including hepatitis B and C and/or liver cirrhosis, are invited to participate in this study. Participants will be asked to complete a confidential survey about their health and risk factors for developing liver cancer.

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